Cancellation Policy

It is our goal to deliver you the best service during your boat Charter. However, if you elect to cancel your reserved trip within 24 hours by booking this charter you agree to pay a cancelation fee of 20% of the completed charter rate. Our network of cap tains are extremely focused on ensuring you a safe and pleasant trip. If they determine weather requires a change of date, we will do our best to reschedule your charter during your stay and if that is not possible there will be no cancellation fee.
What are the terms and conditions that apply to the charters?
AE does not itself offer or provide boat transportation services. This website simply connects boat riders with boat captains (who are provided by Abaco Boat Works & Charter ____ (ABW) and riders (Riders) and chartered boat transportation services (charters). All of the following terms and conditions are between ABW and Riders, such that AE, as the booking agent, does not have any liability or obligations with respect to the following or relating to any boat transportation services provided by ABW to riders:
  • Rider agrees to contract for boat transportation services from ABW for such period as designated in the Rider’s reservation of the boat transportation services through AE.
  • Times for pick-up of the Rider and return of Rider are subject to extensions resulting from force majeure events. Force majeure is defined as any cause directly attributable to acts, events, non-happenings, omissions, accidents, or Acts of God, beyond the reasonable control of the Boat Captain or the Rider (including, but not limited to, strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes, civil commotion, riots, adverse weather, invasion, war, fire, explosion, sabotage, storm, collision, grounding fog, governmental act or regulation, major mechanical or electrical breakdown beyond the ABW’s or the Rider’s control and not caused by either the ABW or the Rider’s negligence).
  • The boat captain provided by ABW (Boat Captain) agrees to perform the following duties for Rider:
    • Report promptly to Rider any observable deficiencies in the boat used to provide the transportation services (Boat) which causes concerns for the safety of Rider, Boat Captain, passengers or property, including the Boat, property of the Boat Captain and/or Rider, and third-party property.
    • Pilot and maintain control of the Boat in a safe and legal manner exhibiting seamanlike conduct at all times.
    • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations applicable to the performance of the duties and the operation of the Boat as well as any equipment used in the performance of the Duties.
    • Take reasonable and prudent actions as deemed necessary by the Boat Captain to protect and preserve the safety of persons and property.
    • Use best efforts to make any necessary repairs, if reasonably possible, to protect the safety of the Rider, and any guests of the Rider onboard the Boat, the Boat; and any property at risk.
    • Clean and refuel the Boat prior to providing boat transportation services, as necessary.
  • Riders will follow any rules set forth on AE’s website and any instructions of Boat Captain.
  • The charter will commence and end at the marina or pickup location designated on AE’s website.
  • In consideration of the boat transportation services to be rendered to Rider, Rider shall pay to AE the charter fee agreed upon when booking the charter on the AE website.